Wet’n’Wild Sydney starts selling “Gold” season passes


Wet’n’Wild Sydney has started selling premium season passes online, ahead of the water park’s official opening later this year.

The “Gold” season passes — which cost $124.99 per person — include unlimited entry until the end of the season (which finishes on 27 April 2014), free car parking and early entry into the park.

More ticket types will be made available closer to the water park’s official opening, which is currently scheduled for 14 December 2013.

Photo: Wet’n’Wild


    • Mick, unfortunately Wet’n’Wild Sydney has only released one type of “Gold” pass.

      I would expect more ticket types to be revealed shortly.

    • Not quite sure about that one. I’d suggest you look on Wet’n’Wild Sydney’s website closer to the opening date.

  1. Far too expensive, what a rip off. I was going to buy 4 season passes for my family plus 6 season passes for my staff. Instead I will by 10 season passes for Jamberoo and get 226 days of Unlimited Entry!

  2. I would like to know why you have changed your mind on giving season pass holders free parking? You can’t advertise it’s free then take it back… Very nasty of you!!

    • Sassy, you are best to forward your complaint directly to Wet’n’Wild Sydney. We are an unofficial news agency. As such, we are not kept in the loop re changes to terms and conditions and thus unable to update our articles when these changes are made.

  3. Cant wait…. It’s fantastic thst sydney is getting a waterpark, about bloody time i say….
    $125 season pass is a bloody bargain…
    Where else can u get 10 hours of fun for that type of money…..

  4. I’ve been trying to buy these Goldpasses but the website just would not accept payment hence no way of getting these passes. Any idea on how to go about this?

  5. I excitedly decided to purchase 3 silver season passes yesterday and received an email back saying I had purchases 7 instead – so now I am in a distressing situation of having to wait for a reply via email to see when I might get my money reimbursed. So much for happy holidays. SADnSTRESSED


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