Dreamworld to replace steam locomotives


Dreamworld is reportedly in the process of replacing their two steam locomotives with a newer, more energy-efficient diesel locomotive.

The two steam locomotives up for replacement — “Perry” and “Baldwin” — currently run on Australia’s longest privately owned railway, called the Dreamworld Railway.

The steam locomotive “Baldwin” is the oldest of the two, and has been at the park since it opened in 1981. It was previously used during the First World War in France.

The new diesel locomotive is expected to be fully operational by the end of October.

Photo: Paul Hollibone


  1. This is such a shame! I am going to miss the steam engines at Dreamworld.

    Argh, why do they insist on removing everything……….?

  2. No way, they can’t replace it, they just can’t. It’s been there since I was a young girl & since the park opened. So sad. :-(

  3. Perhaps they will make them appear to be steam powered trains. As long as they do this I don’t see an issue with the change over. It is a theme park afterall & most things are not really what they seem.

  4. Bring them back dreamworld the fake diesel thing you got now is a damn joke!!. I really hope this decision comes to bite you in the ass!!!!!!

  5. Hello,
    I am very sad about the demise of steam at Dreamworld. I worked there from 1983 to 1989. I saw the construction of much of the railway and the refurbishment of the Perry.I started driving the 2 locos in 1985.The genius behind dreamworld was John Longhurst. His vision was to run steam locomotives. The park was developed around the railway.There were 2 locos, The Baldwin a loco from 1907, originally used as a light railway munitioning engine in the first world war in the trenches of France.
    After the war it was imported to Queensland and spent many years at The Racecourse sugar mill.
    Longhurst purchased the loco and turned it from a 4-6-2 tank into a tender loco.It was fun to drive as the loco no longer had water tanks to assist traction and if it rained, as it does in Queensland, the old lady would pick up her skirts and slide.
    The Perry was purchased about 1985 and refurbished by a dreamworld welder, his name was Clapton to my shame I cant remember his first name.The stick welding on the loco was exemplary and an example to all welders who saw it. The locos were both powered by Oil. We tried wood but threatened to burn the place down from sparks. I was trained by the senior driver, Billy Oliver. For enthusiasts, Billy was the first full time employee of the Talyllyn Railway,In wales, the first preserved steam railway in the world. It was into this world of steam by a man who should be a hero of preserved steam!
    I was inducted. I drove the engines until the end of 1989.
    For information the Perry was a multi gauge engine. By moving the wheels it could be a 2 foot, 3foot 6 inch and a standard gauge, what a fabulous design.
    I sincerely regret Dramworlds decision to go diesel. This is an economic decision not safety, it’s all about money. Steam engines are heavily man hour resourceful. Dreamworld has obviously decided to forego the maintenance costs involved.
    I regret the passing of this historic attraction, but wonder what other maintenance they are saving money on.
    Perhaps that is an unfair comment.
    I believe that anybody who believes in tradition would honour JCL, would keep it going as per his vision from 1981.
    Is it all about money?
    Sam Dearing employee 1983 to 1989.


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