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To help support the production of ParkChatLIVE and to enable us to create awesome new segments and devote more time to the program, we have developed a range of membership options for those who wish to become more involved with the show.

Once-off “Thank You” Donation – $5

  • Your once-off donation is very much appreciated! Not only does it help with our ongoing costs, but it helps us improve the quality of the show and create new content.

Supportive Member – $2/month

  • Help support the show and contribute to the ongoing costs!
  • Works out to about 50 cents per episode

Gold Member – $5/month

  • Help support the show and contribute to the ongoing costs!
  • Enjoy a private forum with the ParkChatLIVE team andĀ otherĀ Gold/Platinum Members
  • Be involved in the planning of the show and help us create new segments and topics
  • Enjoy cost pricing on ALL online store merchandise (10-20% discount)

Platinum Member – $15/month

  • All the benefits of the above tiers, PLUS:
  • Join the group Skype call with the ParkChatLIVE team following each episode
  • Come along to special meetups for platinum members only (usually once every two months)
  • Stay a member for 3 months and receive a FREE ParkChatLIVE t-shirt
Level Price  
Once-Off "Thank You" Donation $5.00 now. Select
Supportive Member $2.00 per Month. Select
Gold Member $5.00 per Month. Select
Platinum Member $15.00 per Month. Select