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At the wheel of your car, with your hair in the wind, passionately treading on this hot macadam, you'll have the pleasant feeling of being like in a movie, whose scenery will be united in harmony and whose main actors will be no less than Wild Koalas...
... Welcome to Great Ocean Road!

The Great Ocean Road At A Glance

Recognized as one of the most spectacular coastal roads in the world, the Great Ocean Road runs along Victoria’s southwest coast and stretches about 243 km from Torquay (south of Geelong) to Allansford (in Warrnambool).

The most visited part is in Port Campbell and the Twelve Apostles are among the most popular attractions in Victoria.

On the way to adventure!

The best way to enjoy the wonderful natural wonders of Great Ocean Road is to travel with trusted tour operators in Australia. They will plan extensively for your trip of exploring this truly majestic stretch of Victorian coastline. Join small group Great Ocean Road tour for a more comprehensive adventure along this impressive stretch of coast. Travelling on a smaller bus allows us to make stops where the large coach tour can’t go, meaning you get to do and see more in one day.

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Great Ocean Road Sunset Tour from Melbourne

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The coastal path begins in Torquay, known for its surf beaches.
Also, if you’re passionate about surfing, get organized to do the Great Ocean Road in the oldest surfing competition, the “Rip Curl Pro”, which has been running for almost half a year. century on the beach of Bells. Plan your trip in advance, as there may be people on the way!

Passing Bells Beach, disappeared for 243 kilometers of splendid road!
You’ll pass through gigantic eucalyptus forests, protruding from grandiose rocks, climb steep cliffs and have dazzling views in the ink-colored ocean.

But above all, along the way, you’ll see stunning rock formations that look like they’re taken from a fantasy movie and are the main attraction of Great Ocean Road.

Torquay bells beach surfer

The most famous are the Twelve Apostles.

The site was renamed in 1922 for tourist purposes and was originally known as The Sow and the Pligets (The Sow and the Piglets). The site is about 10 km before Port Campbell.

Don’t try to find the 12 rock formations, because there are still more than 9 that you will have the opportunity to appreciate from an observation deck accessible by one meter from visitors to the parking lot.
The site is beautiful and impressive and it is recommended to return several times to appreciate this changing panorama depending on the brightness at sunrise or sunset, for example.

Continue to Port Campbell and don’t miss a stop at Loch Ard Gorge, which deserves a few hours. Three walks allow you to walk along the coast and enjoy the natural wonders.
In this place, the coast is heavily cut off forming formidable enclaves when the sea breaks out.
Many ships were shipwrecked here, the most famous being Lake Ard, which sank in 1878 near Mutton Bird Island during its last night crossing from England.

A few miles from Port Campbell, stop at The Arch, London Arch and The Grotto.

London Arch was originally a bridge that reached the end of the cliff. In 1990, the nearest part of the coast collapsed unexpectedly, leaving two visitors stranded outside. They were rescued unharmed by helicopter and the site, formerly known as London Bridge, was renamed The London Arch.


Great Ocean Road tips from local guides

There are numerous Great Ocean Road tourist destinations– from lighthouses to walking trails to surfing. To see what you intend to see on a 12 Apostles scenic tour from Melbourne, it might be best to take a small group tour Great Ocean Road if you are the first time traveller or you want to explore the sights as many as you can.

On our excursion from Melbourne, we didn’t wish to explore too far from the coastline– so we loaded a lunch with us. At our lunch quit, rather than mosting likely to a dining in restaurant, we quickly barbequed the sandwiches at the oceanfront park and enjoy while sitting on the beach at Apollo Bay.

Boost your Great Ocean Road taking in the sights experience by doing a little pre-trip research study. Download a guidebook or research itinerary online to support your Great Ocean Road one-day to three-day trip (trusted sources could be from Great Ocean Road Victoria guides or Wiki).

On your Great Ocean Road by bus tour, make certain that you sit on the ocean-view side of the bus where you will certainly have a clear sight of the coastline and also beaches. (If traveling from Melbourne to Port Campbell along the coastline, like the majority of excursions do, when seated you want to be on the left side of the bus.). That is the reason we suggest for small group tour because most of the small group tour bus have convenient seats available for you to enjoy magnificent scenery.

So, if one day you decide to step up to roll your hump on Great Ocean Road, don’t worry about anything, you’re on the right track!